Maids Of Dishonor And Rebecca & The Headmistress

Monday, November 12, 2012


Maids Of Dishonor And Rebecca & The Headmistress

The day before her weeding Debbie is discussing the final plans over a glass of Champaign with her bridesmaids, when a shocking truth comes to her attention. During their conversation, tongues loosen, and it becomes apparent that her Maid of Honor has slept with her fiancГ© only the week before! To her total dismay her other bridesmaids knew about it. There is only one way that she can feel better about this whole shocking affair: and that is by spanking and caning the two girls, so that she will have the last laugh. Only when their bottoms are clearly welted up and they are visibly in pain does she tell them that the marriage will still be carried out!


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