Marital Misdemeanors And Table Dancers, Part One

Friday, November 16, 2012


Marital Misdemeanors And Table Dancers, Part One

Imagine the horror when a future mother-in-law finds herself in a compromising position with the bride to be!! Her fury is all too clear to see upon finding out that the girl’s mother was the chief investigator in this sordid affair. The shamed wife is the type of woman that reacts first and asks questions later. With that in mind she reaches for the cane and beats the daylights out of the bare bottom of the mother before turning her attentions towards the beautiful daughter. The sensuous bride is first put across her knee for a quick spanking on her pantied bottom. On their removal we see a curvaceous bare bottom, which is a sight for SORE eyes!!! The smacks get harder and harder until a stiff paddle is required to redden the cheeks to a point that even we feel sorry for her. We are indeed sure that this woman deserves a turn in the mad house!!!


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