No Appeal Procedure & The Athlete

Friday, November 30, 2012


No Appeal Procedure & The Athlete

Leslie is the receptionist for a “High Class Country Hotel” but she continues to turn away customers that do not fit the bill. However this infuriates her manager as there seems to be more employees than customers at the Hotel and of course, the Hotel is supposed to be run for profit.

She is summoned to the conservatory to explain. But her Manager feels that the only course of action is a sound caning. He explains that there is no Appeal Procedure, and that she can accept it or not. Although her whimpering can be heard several corridors away, it doesn’t dissuade the Manager. She accepts and will have to deal with several very hard cane strokes before she is finished.

But then, she must find Judy the telephonist (who has been offering some of the male guest extra services) to come to the Manager. When Judy arrives to see the manager, she is confronted and because there is no appeal process, she endures the countless whacks across her bottom leaving a screaming Judy in a very sore state. This is the action of a master caneman. After this, he finds the hotel skiwy and beats the tough girl very hard as a lesson.

An athlete puts the blame on her manager when she doesn’t show up for training sessions. As a gold medalist in running and hurdles she is expected to work much harder. She must go back to the dome for even more strenuous practice sessions complete with a hard hand spanking, tawsing and a few very strong strokes of the cane. This punishment is meant to instill in her the important fact that if she wants to continue to be at the top of her field, she must work harder than any of the other athletes.


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