Return Of The Knickers Inspector

Friday, November 9, 2012


Return Of The Knickers Inspector

Stars: Samantha, Chelsea Blue, Thomas Harding
The headmaster has such a reputation for such an uncompromising use of the strap and cane, one would think coeds would be extremely careful not to allow their soiled knickers to fail inspection and thus wind up on the desk. Nevertheless, here they are, too sweet, tender, but impudent young girls, thinking that they can escape the prescribed punishment. As their exquisitely curved buttock twitch and squirm under the unforgiving kiss leather strap, they begin to see the folly of their defiance. But of course, their punishment is short-lived. They are soon discovered smoking cigarettes, an infraction for which they can be dismissed. Now he has them right where he wants them. He’ll put them on a report if they submit to the punishment of the cane. Later, in the privacy of their dormitory, as each girl gets her throbbing bottom soothed with cool lotion, they resolve never again to break the rules. Well, we’ll see.


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