Strict Regime

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Strict Regime

Her Ladyships’ strict housekeeper is in no mood for stupid excuses when she confronts the cook, Mrs. Bridges, for failing in her duties. The quality of her food has been very poor and in her references it clearly stated that she cooked good soufflГ©s. This has to be dealt with IN HOUSE. Mrs. Bridges is ordered to remove her garments and put a punishment gown on. This special gown allows easy access to her large, firm, glowing bottom. The housekeeper, a French lady with an impeccable upbringing, then proceeds in no uncertain manner to beat Mrs. Bridges. First with her hand, then with a couple of paddles until the large cheeks are purple. She follows this up with a caning which is the traditional punishment at her Ladyships’ mansion. After this she goes off and finds the new chambermaid, Pippa, who has also been failing in her duties. Preferring to sit around smoking rather than tidying the rooms. The fact that the girl is young with a delightful body is no deterrent to the housekeeper who spares no time in placing a punishment gown on her body before caning her shapely behind.


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