The Headmasters Study Revisited

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The Headmasters Study Revisited

Featuring Jean, Rachel and Sarah is another special one and a half hour feature length HARD all action classic schoolgirl punishment video. However, this time it is not just naughty schoolgirls who feel the headmasters’ cane their mother does too! Sara and Rachel have been raiding Mr. Patel’s sweet shop yet again but this time he saw them and phones their school. The girls are punished, but due to new guidelines nowhere near as hard as the headmaster feels they should be. The girls mother, Jean catches the girls inspecting each others faintly striped bottoms and realizes that her daughters have been misbehaving yet again and asks what has happened. The girls tell her but mum is no fool and she can see they have hardly been touched at all. She says she is going to see the headmaster. The girls think mum is going to give him a piece of her mind but boy are they wrong mum is going to see him and make sure they get what they really deserve. Mum also has a secret, she too got caught stealing when she was at school, her friend got severely caned but Jean talked her way out of her punishment and it has played on her conscience ever since. Perhaps her daughters’ headmaster is the man to correct this. But there is more. Just wait till mum gets home and gives the girls further hard well deserved punishment with strap, paddle and cane in their bedroom. And still that is not all as the headmaster pays a visit to see how the girls are and ends up giving their mother another severe and I mean SEVERE seeing too As this video so HARD, we would like to make it perfectly clear that every one of our fantastic girls fully consented to receiving such HARD punishment and even suggested much of it.

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