The Judge’s Chamber

Sunday, November 25, 2012


The Judge’s Chamber

Stars: Kelly Payne, Grace Trummel
Some people should not quit their day jobs. Some people should never break the law. Some people will wish they’ve never met Kelly Payne once they’ve stepped over that threshold of what it means to be a law abiding citizen. See what happens to everyday people who cannot seem to stop breaking the law when they enter Judge Kelly Payne’s Chambers. In this first episode we find the DA and Judge Payne with a dilemma. In front of them stands a frequent offender of domestic violence and in violation of an order of protection. No more warnings this time. He is sentenced to harsh corporal punishment and ass worship for wasting so much of the DA’s time. He is punished by both ladies with over the over-the-knee bare-bottom spanking, strapping, and paddling. He also has to kiss, lick, sniff, suck and tongue the DA’s tight ass hole.


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