Upstairs Downstairs

Friday, November 9, 2012


Upstairs Downstairs

At a wealthy household in central London the butler is going about his duties when he discovers a French maid stealing money from the sideboard. He had suspected her of stealing for sometime, When the cook and Mrs. Bellamy, the householder, has complained of things gone missing. His vigilance comes with good reward corporal punishment for her misdeeds.
While this is going on there has been a great tragedy in the household. Mrs. Bellamy suddenly dies and her sister takes control. This was dreadful news for the deceased woman’s daughter who attends the funeral late, in inappropriate attire. The sister is furious and advises the girl that a new regime is in place. There is a furious argument resulting in a bare bottom spanking and a severe caning for the young girl. It seems that both Upstairs and Downstairs there are paddling and caning going on.


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