Class Of ’96

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Class Of ’96

Stars: Morgan, Dexter, Giles, Langton, Stenson
Mr. Giles, the headmaster, leaves his trusty head boy Stenson in charge of school discipline so he can get on running the school finances. Stenson soon gets to grip with Morgan and Langston who are kept back in detention. The stupid girls start to bait Stenson over having an affair with one of the teacher’s daughters. This infuriates Stenson who doesn’t hesitate to have the girls’ knickers down for spanking and canings!

On receiving complaint letters from parents about the state of their daughter’s bottoms, Mr. Gilles summons Stenson to make him aware of the situation. Mr. Giles himself is a great enthusiast of corporal punishment and advises Stenson to carry on as he is since he is keeping misbehavior down to a minimum. While patrolling the school he comes across Dexter, a pretty girl, spraying graffiti around the roof area. She is taken back to the study for a sever punishing. When Mr. Giles eventually walks in, Dexter pleads with him for leniency. Her pleas fall on deaf ears as Mr. Giles himself, administers a beautifully accurate caning.


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