Gemini’s Bootcamp

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Gemini’s Bootcamp

Stars: Bart, Mistress Gemini
Bart is sent by his European mistress for some bootcamp training from Mistress Gemini because he came in second placein the ponyboy races last summer. Bart is made to hang from the raftors of Mistress Gemini’s dungeon as long as hecan while Mistress Gemini viciously whips his back and ass. After he falls, he has to quickly do a set up pushupswhile kissing Mistress Gemini’s feet, then run in place while being whipped, and various other training drills. AfterBart is exhausted, Mistress Gemini is not happy with Bart’s progress so she puts him on the cross and gives Bart a thorough strapping and paddling. She then thrashes him with a five foot long cane, a carpet beater, and her new toy-the birching stick.


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