Kill Bart

Friday, December 7, 2012


Kill Bart

Stars: Bart, Vinyl Queen
This is a straight Corporal Punishment video with little dialogue and no plot. Vinyl Queen, wearing a rubber outfit, has Bart tied to the whipping post and gives him a flogging on his ass and back. Then Bart is bent over the horse as Vinyl Queen assaults Bart’s ass with a barrage of her cruelest implements. Vinyl Queen uses a variety of leather and rubber straps, canes, single tail whips, riding crops, and heavy wooden paddles. She even breaks a wooden paddle on Bart’s ass. Lots of heavy CP in this video.


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File Name : 0094_SPFM_Kill Bart.wmv
File Size : 357.3 MB
Resolution : 636×480
Duration : 00:38:48

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