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Stars: Cassandra, Mistress Gemini, Lystra
Mistress Gemini is a bit short tempered today. It’s hot and Lystra has delayed their trip to the park for silly stupid things. She accidentally locked the ice chest in the apartment as she was being hurriedly chastised by Gemini. And for punishment Gemini has made her take off her panties and seat her exposed bottom on a red-hot leather seat. After finally making it to the park they take a walk and Gemini meets an old friend Cassandra. They exchange hellos and the talk turns to Lystra. Gemini mentions that she is very bad and needs plenty of discipline, which gets her wringing wet and horny. Cassandra is delighted by all the talk and asks if she could “borrow” Lystra for a few days. And in return Gemini would get to treat Cassandra as she has treated Lystra. Handshakes are given and you see both our ladies do their deeds on our willing Lystra!


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