Mistress Samanthas Corrective Measures for Errant Males

Friday, December 7, 2012


Mistress Samanthas Corrective Measures for Errant Males

Strict and sexy Sam Johnson who personally enjoys disciplining naughty boys shows her true colours on this triple tale of male submissiveness as the proprietor of her own correctional establishment where wives, girl friends and females of authority send their men to be soundly punished. First to taste Mistress Samantha’s severe medicine is Mr. Deacon, an office manager who was caught by his wife spanking his secretary… Mistress Samantha’s next victim is Mr. Hughes, who was caught in a sexual encounter with the maid of honour at a wedding – the problem being it was his wedding and he was caught by his bride of only two hours! The final miscreant to be summoned to Mistress Samantha is Mr. Foxton who is head of the mathematics department at Birch Bottom Lovitt School for girls. The headmistress Miss Ellis caught poor Mr. Foxton with a pretty bare bottomed schoolgirl over his lap. Unknown to him Miss Ellis and Mistress Samantha went to university together and Mistress Samantha is livid when she finds out why he has been sent to her. Mistress Samantha’s Corrective Measures for Errant Males is a 60 minute all F/M spanking action video!

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