Out Patient

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Out Patient

Stars: Simms, McCaffery
Three girls are sent down to the disciplinary room in St. Barts Hospital to be disciplined by the Punishment Officer. They have the case against them read out and have no alternative other than to receive the allocated punishment. The first girl, Simms, is held in the room while the others wait outside. Her offenses range from stealing, to knot keeping the hospital clean. This all results in her having to take a bruising hand spanking and tawsing followed up by a stinging few strokes from the Officers’ swishy cane.

McCaffrey, an insolent Irish girl, is then led in, but during her beating it is brought to the attention of the Officer that a mistake has been made and in fact McCaffrey should not be in the Punishment Wing at all!!!

This really annoys the Officer who unleashes his full fury upon the next offender. This attractive young lady is soon assuming the position for a torrent of welt-making cane strokes upon your pretty little pert bottom. All in a good days work for the Punishment Officer.


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