Painter’s Payment & Caned Lesbian

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Painter’s Payment & Caned Lesbian

When two painters have almost completed their jobs, they learn that the flat resident is unable to pay them. Earlier she had been letting them know that she doesn’t think much of their handiwork. This insolent behavior further infuriates them and the head painter decides to give his tenant a what for! Placing her across his knees he first hand spans her, followed by a rubber flip-flop. Each swing gets her bottom even more bright red, and when the black leather paddle comes out we can see the pain across her face. Lastly, a thin can places harsh red lines across her once pale skin. She will learn to back talk her elders…and in “Caned Lesbian”, two roommates are having a conversation about the former evening when the one lesbian learns that her friend has gone out with her former girlfriend. She had never tried a same sex relationship and she found it exciting and sexy. Thinking she would like a relationship with her roommate, she is told that she must accept a spanking if she is to be with her. Curious she agrees and she is spanked, strapped, and finally caned. Her bottom is line with welts when the action finally turns to nipple caressing and orgasms.


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