Roll Over Roll-Up

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Roll Over Roll-Up

Stars: Layla, Sophie, Jack, Charles Davies

Jack loves the lottery and can’t believe his luck when his numbers come up! He’s going to be a millionaire-if he can find his ticket. He checks with his wife Sophie, who is luxuriating in the bath and she is sure the ticket is on the shelf in her room. He drags her, still dripping with foam and discovers a cigarette! Jack has had enough of her smoking, her meddling with his belongings and unbelievably, and his chance at getting rich. First to his luxury lounge, where he reddens her bottom with a firm and admonishing her for spending much of his hard earned money as well. If he is not going to have an easy life than neither will she! Next to the dining room where he produces a leather paddle for some resounding smacks while she is bent over the cold marble table. Then he has her lying on the back table with her legs in the air and her bottom exposed on the table where he gets his million pounds worth out of her hide. Into the kitchen where she bends over a high stool for some knee buckling slaps from a firm leather crop. She is very sorry now and jumps back into the bath as soon as Jack allows to sooth her warm bottom creamy suds.

Painful Journey To Justice:
Charles Davies enjoys reading his mail with his morning coffee, but things are not looking good. He cannot believe what he discovers while reading the mail. His lodger has received a court summons for shoplifting! That girl is in for it! Not two weeks under his roof and 19-year-old Layla is in trouble with the law. He decides to undertake her punishment himself. Striding into her room he demands she rise from bed and tells her “your bottom is going to pay for this behaviors.” Using his hand and an assortment of crude implements, he reddens her bare buttocks with a sound stroke. Then for good measure, he brings out his cane to help ensure that she knows this behavior will not be tolerated in his home.


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