The Caning Club

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Caning Club

I have always been a bit wary about making a full-blown spanking video. I mean, Vanessa Redgrave, I am not! Matter of fact, my biggest acting role to date was playing the part of the third angel in a Nativity Pay at Primary school – and I balls that up by larking about behind the scenes and breaking off one of my wings
which did not go down all that well with Mrs. Knight, our form mistress. Ouch! I was the reddest-bottomed angel on the stage. Hardly what you would call R.A.D.A., training, right? Not that this seemed to bother His majesty Harrison-Marks all that much. “It is your backside the costumers will be interested in,” he told me time and time again, “not your thespian experience.” (THESBIAN not LESBIAN!!! I know what you naughty lots are thinking!!!) It wasn’t just the Guvnor who was putting the pressure on either.


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