American Spanking Classics #1

Thursday, January 31, 2013


American Spanking Classics #1

Stars: Debbie, Miss Jean
Debbie’s Lesson: Miss Jean the tennis coach has summoned an angered Debbie to her side because she is daydreaming about being with her boyfriend instead of concentrating on her tennis lesson. Miss Jean insists that Debbie will learn some lessons today regardless of her attitude, and demands that she get in her car for a drive to her house. It is there that Debbie receives some deserved punishment and ends up with a few more strokes than her original tennis game ever had incurred!Painful Memories: You will rub your bottom when we take a walk down memory lane with Debbie. We watch her early years when her mother gave her a sound thrashing on her naughty bottom. Then on to boarding school where they never spared the rod. Her bottom burns and turns crimson red as each new assault on the round globes takes its toll.


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