Caned For Benefits

Monday, January 14, 2013


Caned For Benefits

As personnel assistants there are none lazier than Joanie and Amanda. Their boss who enjoys spanking their bottoms when he finds out they have been naughty fancies them. The girls, who in turn, receive high salaries and special live-in accommodations, tolerate this. On this particular day the boss is especially annoyed when he finds that his presentation has not been completed on time, He goes looking for the girls and finds them drinking in his private sitting room, which is totally off limits to them! Panties are removed for over the knee spanking before the girls are sent to their bedrooms. While there, the girls decide to pleasure themselves with a spanking game of their own. The noise raises the attention of their boss, who comes in and continues beating the girls until he thinks its time for thirty or more strokes of the cane. This is quickly achieved and the girls enter slumber land with thoroughly red bottoms!


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