No Choice

Sunday, January 27, 2013


No Choice

Stars: Keegan, Mrs. Day
Mrs. Day has prepared beautifully for what is about to happen. She has asked Keegan, a persistent truant, to come to her office. She has also phoned Keegan’s mother, and asked her to stop by the office. After Keegan’s arrival, she administers a spanking followed by a hard leather paddling over the girls bare bottom.

It is while this is going on that Keegan’s mother appears in the office and is horrified to see her daughter being spanked by the headmistress, but even more horrifying is her request that she remove her knickers in order to receive the same. It’s either a smack of the paddle or have her daughter expelled from college.

Knowing that she has indeed no choice in the punishment, she too accepts the caning while her young daughter watches in humiliation.


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