Sheriff Pandora

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sheriff Pandora

Stars: Mistress Pandora, Bart
The uber sexy yet something fierce Mistress Pandora plays the part of a vigilante sheriff who has career criminal Bart in custody. She plans on dishing out her own brand of corporal justice. She secures Bart`s arms on her suspension bar and wraps his ass in cellophane.. Sheriff Pandora takes off her police belt and proceeds to discipline her new prisoner. She also uses straps, Spencer paddles, and whips. This video is a must for uniform fetishists and corporal connoisseurs. You`ll wish this officer would pull you over on the highway!


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Duration : 00:51:49

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  1. Ed S Says:

    Very well done! I would love to meet up with her. What a date we would have.


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