Spanked OTK for Disobedience

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Coed Bailey Spanked OTK for Disobedience
Coed Bailey is a new student at High-Expectations Academy. As with most new girls, she is disobedient and misbehaves frequently. She has to be “reminded” that at this academy the Headmaster does not put up with such girls and spanks them to impress on them that their obedience will be obtained and they will not misbehave. Bailey has been disobedient to the Headmaster, so he spanks her OTK after making her raise her schoolgirl uniform. She is also made to bend over an ottoman so a hairbrush can be used to spank her. Feet-kicking, bouncing and squirming, there is a lot of action by Bailey during this punishment. She cries freely as this is a real spanking and she shows real tears. She receives 220 hand-slaps for her spanking and 60 strokes of the hairbrush. Finally she is ordered to kneel on the ottoman, knees and elbows for 59 strokes of the strap

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