Spanking Samantha Woodley – OTK Air Interview – Aug 13, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2013


Spanking Samantha & Michaela – OTK Air Interview – Aug 13, 2008
Spanking Movie Name: OTK Air Interview
Date: Aug 13, 2008
Run Time: 5min 19sec
Spanking Models: Samantha Woodley
Michaela McGowen

The airline industry will never be the same again! Michaela and Samantha are the flight attendants we`d all like to meet, in their classic series OTK Air. Now learn what really went on behind the scenes as Michaela and Sam spill the beans on costumes, canes and cows – yes, cows! Their favorite scene, shot outside, was witnessed by an intrigued audience!

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