Tickling Treatment and Spit & Tickle

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tickling Treatment and Spit & Tickle0049_2_Tickling-Treatment-and-Spit-%26-Tickle.jpg

Tickling Treatment and Spit & Tickle

Stars: Sandy, Sir Nik, Mistress Erzsebet
Sandy is about to have tickling therapy, which also includes bondage because nothing else seems to work dressed in her panties and bra, tied to a chair. But the therapist need to humiliate her further by having her nude, spread-legged across the bed, exposing all her private ticklish spots – you know, this is working!

For the second part of this film, we have Spit & Tickle, where a couple decides to have a little experience of their own! Watch as Sir Nik tickles Mistress Erzsebet like mad! She is spread eagle and suspended from the ceiling above the bed, and Sir Nik shows no mercy!

This movie also includes a bonus scene featuring two girls in a living room. One who is unfortunate enough to be on the wrong side of the fingers!


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