English Punishment Series 12

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


English Punishment Series 12

Strict Regime – A strict Housekeeper revels in the fact that she must reprimand an unaccomplished cook beating her large bottom quite harshly. Much to her pleasure she must take care of an inefficient maid and beats her quite soundly until her beautiful bottom is crimson red.

Harlots Humiliation – Two attractive girls must be reprimanded by their Madam when they refuse to allow a customer access to what he paid off. Their punishment is a severe caning bringing welts upon their tender buttocks while the customer watches. But what makes it worse is that the customer gets to rube cream on their bottoms at the end of it all.

Stable Girls – Two stable girls are reprimanded by their boss after it is found that they are responsible for her tumbling off her horse into a hedge on the first jump at her prestigious hunt club. Being in a foul mood she threatened them with dismissal, but relented in the end by merely thrashing the daylights out of their bare bottoms with her riding crop and cane. She also found great pleasure in using her leather paddles across their bare bottoms. I wouldn’t think that they found much pleasure in the whole ordeal.

Thou Shalt Not Forgive – Two errant choirgirls must be reprimanded by the Vicar’s wife and she does a very good job of it. Beating them with a standard-issue leather tawse and cane. It is unlikely that they will continue their naughty ways of drinking and carousing.

Double Whammy – Eileen uses her wiles to get a casting director to get her casting a movie. Although she must submit to a harsh spanking and caning by him, she feels it is worth it. What she doesn’t expect is what will be coming up at the movie site. She is supposed to be able to ride a horse, and she has no experience with that. So once again, she must endure a hard hand spanking and caning from the assistant to retain her job. (Hot spanking action and very attractive girls!)


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