FD-283 Jodi Cline Cane Mistress

Saturday, February 9, 2013

FD-283 Jodi Cline Cane Mistress

FD-283 Jodi Cline Cane Mistress

Once every five or ten years a woman will come along who is so proficient with the cane, we bestow the term, Cane Mistress, on her. To attain this title, the woman has to be able to apply extremely severe canings with perfect accuracy. Jodi Cline is the best caner we have ever seen at Nu-West/Leda. She’s better than Anne Bowman, Joanne Jameson and even Debra. All of them would miss now and then. Jodi Cline never misses and she’s the only one we’ve ever had who can do the run, skip and swing stroke. If you’re into caning and want to meet her, contact info is on the tape.

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