Keyhole Peepers

Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Keyhole Peepers

When a “Peeping Tom” moves into your apartment building and starts to play his little game of looking through your window, what do you do? You should call the police. But, wouldn’t it be better to put on a little show just for him?

Waiting until they are sure he is watching, the girls begin to play around with each other. Tickling each other until they are in such a frenzy that they cannot go on. But they don’t end his show just yet. The ladies then produce some rope, deciding that this is just the thing “Tom” needs. Making sure that he can get a good look at all the action, their teasing continues. Piece by piece, their clothes are stripped off. Then taking turns they tie each other’s feet, making sure they are facing directly at “Tom’s” window.

It must be too much tease for “Tom” to handle. Because shortly thereafter, he suddenly turns away from the window. Do you think “Tom” learned his lesson? Maybe not, but this is one show he won’t soon forget!


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