Pacific Force – Dorm Room Discipline

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pacific Force - Dorm Room Discipline

Pacific Force – Dorm Room Discipline

starring: Jacqueline Omerta, Sara Faye and August

Eavesdrop in on two delightful young coeds who have a curiosity about spanking. After viewing some photos on the internet, they decide to experiment on each other. August and Sara OTK spank each other over their tight warm-up suits and sexy full back panties. The girls end up getting a bit too rambunctious and the spankings end up in a loud pillow fight that sends the housemother running into their dorm room. Then the spankings get serious…..very serious.
The housemother is not pleased with the noisy, inconsiderate behavior. “You girls are curious about spanking…Now you’re going to find out what a real spanking feels like!”
More stringent discipline is applied when the girls must strip completely naked and position themselves with their cute bottoms upturned and ready for paddling. Punishment lines are repeated and punctuated with hard, well placed swats with a large wooden spatula.
Sara and August each have beautifully round, extremely spankable bottoms. This is the first time they have gotten no-nonsense punishment and their reactions are fresh, real and unrehearsed. These girls typify the type of female that we ‘spankos’ enjoy seeing spanked. real, true-to-life good old fashioned bare bottom spanking.


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