Pacific Force – Please Spank Me

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Pacific Force – Please Spank Me

Two different girls with the secret desire to be spanked get their fantasies fulfilled.
Scene One:
Jayne reveals she has an alternative motive for researching the pros and cons of spanking. Turns out she wants to experience a spanking of her own and comes to the right place. Jayne asks for the same kind of spanking that spanking advocate, Ms. Omerta would administer to her own daughter. “Please give me a real spanking and don’t hold back.”
Ms Omerta promises, “I warn you, once you are over my knee, this will be a real spanking and I won’t stop until I feel you are truly sorry.”
Jayne sticks to her resolve and receives a long, hard spanking from the trusted and experienced spanker. You can see the shock on Jayne’s face as each sharp spank rains down on her never-been-spanked adorably cute bottom. Ms. Omerta sticks to the plan and dishes out a real spanking with her hand and the help of two paddles. Last but not least, Jayne gets a taste of the hairbrush that makes her nearly jump off Ms Omerta’s lap.
Jayne is brand new and her reactions to spanking are authentic and priceless. A good, traditional spanking scene that you are guaranteed to enjoy.
Scene Two:
Natali’s long buried secret about spanking comes spilling out when she hears Rosetta make an off-handed remark about spanking their rude waitress. Later, Natali asks Rosetta for the same good hard spanking she talked about giving their waitress.
Natali places her dainty body straight over Rosetta’s lap. This is the spanking she’s been waiting for her whole life. Natali’s cute pert bottom is warmed with Rosetta’s firm hand. She’s given a good sound spanking on her dress, panties and bare bottom. Natali’s porcelain white bottom reddens beautifully. Later she’s bent over the couch, exposing her smooth shaven nether region. Rosetta really lets her have it, saying, “Remember, you asked for it!”
Great chemistry. Two girls enjoying themselves. Great girl/girl scene.


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