Sister’s Repentance – Girl On A Train

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sister's Repentance - Girl On A Train1399_2_Sisters_Repentance_-_Girl_On_A_Train.jpg

Sister’s Repentance – Girl On A Train

Stars: Deacon Blue, Melissa Roe, Madelyn Dobbs
There is evil at the convent. Young novices cavorting about! Father Finney will have to take this situation firmly in hand. Sister Catherine appears to be remorseful. But she will have to demonstrate her contribution by performing prescribed acts of penance. In addition, she must submit herself to the punishing strap and cane to be administered by the Bishop, himself. And Sister Sarah shall not go unpunished. For Mother Superior is commissioned to administer the strap and crop on this young novice’s sinful posterior. It takes only the briefest moment, a glance at the young man at the station, to send a girl’s fantasies in motion. Alice has a long train ride ahead of her. But in her mind she is in that young man’s boudoir. Her lace panties have been pulled down and her bottom is being punished ever so lovingly. Does the young man share her dreams? She can only wonder as the train leaves him further and further behind.


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