A Spanking You’ll Never Forget

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Pacific Force – A Spanking You’ll Never Forget

Girls in their twenties are very sweet but they can also be very forgetful. There’s no better reminder than a good sound spanking.
The time-honored phrase “You’re going to get a spanking you’ll never forget!” comes to life as two brand new girls get the kind of punishment they’ll think about for a long time to come. This production contains two separate scenes with two realistic spanking scenarios. Both vignettes are plot driven with correct spanking verbiage and authentic scolding build-up.
Scene One: Nicole Spanks Aline
Aline puts Nicole’s job at jeopardy when she fails to make an important delivery. This adorable, self-centered girl is about to learn first hand what corrective punishment is all about.
Aline is spanked firmly on her skin-tight butt hugging jeans. She looks magnificent over the equally stunning, Nicole Moore’s lap. Aline gets a thorough spanking on her jeans, lavender cotton panties and bubbly bare bottom. She’s then made to strip naked and display her luscious body before she succumbs to more sound spanking.
This scene is the ultimate in F/f spanking with one beautiful woman taking a cute, precocious younger lady to task.
Scene Two: Jacqueline Spanks Alsana
Alsana is so distracted by shopping that she neglects to pick up a computer disc that’s crucial for a deadline. This neglectful behavior leads to a long, hard punishment spanking. The irate boss spanks Alsana’s porcelain bottom deep shades of pink and red. This is a very real, very solid OTK spanking with firm well-placed spanks.
Alsana’s voice is has a cute, youthful, almost mousy tone as she repeats the embarrassing spanking phrases as part of her punishment. “I’m a naughty girl who deserves to be spanked”. Alsana is spanked traditionally on her skirt, panties and squishy bare bottom.
This scene captures the true essence of spanking. One no-nonsense woman administers a sound, lengthy OTK spanking for the purpose of punishment and correction.

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