First Time Spankings

Monday, March 25, 2013

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First Time Spankings

Stars: Amber, Erika, Kelly Payne, Sheree
Kelly Payne, the infamous goddess of spankings, is doling out three red-hot spankings to three very naughty girls! All three girls are being spanked for real, and for their first time ever! Kelly put them all over her knee and uses her hand, a leather strap, and other spanking implements to punish them.

First, Erika is a stripper and she has shown up late for work one too many times. Kelly makes her do a strip tease and then spanks her bare bottom until it’s bright red! Next, Amber has been caught stealing and is given a humiliating punishment – a spanking in the back room! And finally, Sheree has been misbehaving in the office lately and Kelly has had enough! Kelly puts Sheree over her knees, pulls down her pantyhose and spanks her hard!


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