Loads Of Laughter

Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Loads Of Laughter

Stars: Jewell Marceau, Celestia Star, Brigitte Paris, Cleo Nicholle, Johnny Cobalt
It’s a common known fact in many circles that people around the globe love to be tied and tickled. There is no exception here with our two storylines. Celestia is earnestly trying to find something worthy to watch on television, but to no avail. When Bridgette enters and offers a bit of fun, the two start tying and tickling each other. Their enjoyment reaches such a high crescendo that their neighbor Johnny ventures over to see what all the noise is all about. He is easily pulled into the action and it is not too long before he ties the two women together and tickles them incessantly! And in our second story, just on the other side of the building, yet another story unfolds, Jewell has decided not to go to work today, but instead to have a little fun with her roommate Cleo. The ties and tickles begin. And Jewell has promised Cleo a turn as long as she does a good job and satisfies her. The film is packed with beautiful big-breasted women and Loads of Laughter!


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