Mr. Attitude

Monday, March 11, 2013


Mr. Attitude

Miss Dasia and Miss Misty are sitting on the couch talking about their day when Miss Misty’s husband comes home from work. He complains that there is no dinner waiting for him. Dasia offers her opinion and her brother’s attitude comes on full strength. Dasia remembers how her brother used to have an attitude adjustment from his mother when they were growing up. Jacob is going to get a good spanking just like when his mommy used to do it. Misty sees that a severe OTK spanking is what will keep her husband in his place. A good foot rub might soothe Misty’s mind, but Jacob does not know how to service his wife’s beautiful feet. His wife does not think that he learned his lesson yet, so she’ll take a turn spanking that bad attitude out of him. His round ass is getting redder with each stroke of her hand and when he tries to get away from her, the spanking gets worse. For such a small woman, Misty is certainly able to administer a good amount of pain, but she does not use only her bare hand to punish him. A leather strap and a wooden hairbrush will help to get across Misty’s point to her pathetic husband. Determined to get satisfaction, her husband is ordered to perform his husbandly duties. If he does not satisfy his wife, he is going to get a more severe beating. Clearly he does not have a clue how to make his wife cum, so she spanks him some more. Before too long, Misty and her loser husband are in a 69 and it looks like she might finally get satisfaction. She mounts his cock and rides him till she cums. Jacob is denied his orgasm and is left on the bed unsatisfied just like the loser that he is.


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