Pacific Force – All Spick and Spanked

Friday, March 15, 2013

Pacific Force - All Spick and Spanked

Pacific Force – All Spick and Spanked

All Spick And Spanked
Starring: Jade Indica, Brandi Edwards
Pacific Force is proud to present one of our most ambitious productions to date. All Spick and Spanked is well scripted, well planned and well executed. It’s close to the kind of quality you’d expect to see on TV. Extra special attention is given to character formation, set design, costuming, and a clever story line. Our female stars are cute, fun and sassy. And, most important of all, there’s good solid spanking from start to finish.

Scene One:
Sparks fly when the maids meet their strict new Butler. They ‘welcome’ him with bratty, uncooperative and disrespectful behavior. This Butler runs a tight ship and needs to make an impression right from the beginning. Each naughty girl is given a proper OTK spanking over her skirt, white regulation cotton panties and luscious bare bottom.
The chastisement is delivered ritualistically in three parts. The girls are embarrassed to have to observe each other and anticipate every phase of punishment. The spankings are long, solid and very thorough. The mischievous maids are animated, demonstrative and verbally reactive. There’s not a dull moment as they kick their legs and vocally protest the humiliation of being face down, bottom up and soundly spanked. The Butler’s strong hand makes an impression but the feisty girls still seek revenge.

Scene Two:
The girls play a devilish prank on the Butler. They delight in his obvious embarrassment but retribution is swift and decisive. Determined to establish authority, the Butler increases the level of punishment. The girls are ordered to strip naked with the exception of shoes and heels. They are positioned side-by-side bent over the couch. With backs arched and naked bottoms exposed, modesty goes out the window. Their sexy ‘intimate goodies’ are visibly exposed as they ready themselves for a long overdue punishment spanking.
The girls squeal with discomfort as spank after spank rains down on their upturned behinds. Each solid smack counts and the girls reluctantly resign themselves to no-nonsense discipline. Finally, a few well-placed swats with the paddle get the girls to concede. The shamed pair is left in the corner to display red, sore, well-spanked bottoms.


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