Spanked On Their Panties: Volume #1

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Spanked On Their Panties: Volume #1

Panties are an exciting part of the spanking experience. Sensual fabrics offer little protection but provide lots of accentuation to the female derriere. Traditionally, panty spanking is the ‘appetizer’ but this time it’s the ‘main course’. Welcome to another original, first-of-it’s-kind, Pacific Force production.
Three luscious ladies get spanked in a wide variety of panties. A total of 22 different pairs of panties and 22 separate spankings add up to three naughty girls getting lots and lots of spanking. These panty spankings are as real and as hard as any of our other productions and last for a considerable length of time. The entire movie is 1 hour and 25 minutes long.
Of course, we know you’re wondering: Will I see bare bottom?
The answer is: Yes, Yes, and Yes.
Though the spankings take place only on the panties, you’ll see full nudity and well-spanked bare bottoms as the girls change from panty to panty and display their very red behinds. You’ll even get to peek at the girls’ private goodies.

Scene One:
Pretty Natali receives 6 panty spankings from the equally gorgeous Aiden. Before each spanking Natali models the delightful variety of panties which include print bikini, full back girdle, purple polka dot, dark lace and golden silk. Natali takes each spanking over the knee. A cute touch is her ‘spanking dance’ when she’s spanked standing up. At the end Natali bends over the couch and gets spanked in a pair of ruffled girlie panties.

Scene Two:
Rosetta is the proverbial spoiled brat. She arrives at her photo shoot only to complain about her dressing room, hand cream and even the snacks. Finally the photographer is pushed over the edge. Since Rosetta was supposed to model 6 pair of panties, he makes her a deal. He’ll still do the photo shoot provided she gets spanked in each of the six panties.
Rosetta is feisty but takes good hefty OTK panty spankings. The panties include pink cotton, red silk, print cotton, old fashioned ‘granny panties’, traditional white cotton and sexy leopard.

Scene Three:
Leaving her panties soaking in the guest bathroom is unacceptable. Even worse, is Ariel’s snotty behavior. Jacqueline knows the key to breaking a bad habit and changing rude behavior. A hard spanking is administered over the pretty girl’s flowing white skirt.
Ariel left 10 pairs of panties for Jacqueline to wash and iron. This naughty girl is now subject to 10 sound panty spankings. Ariel changes and models each pair of sexy panties. She withstands 10 very firm panty spankings from Jacqueline. Most of the spankings are administered OTK but Ariel is also spanked bent over with her legs spread, straddling the bench on her tummy, and in the embarrassing diaper position. Each pair of panties is more beautiful than the next. Ariel sports blue cotton, black, filmy see through material, white sheer, hip hugging micro fiber in a variety of shapes and styles.
Stern attitude. Good believable reactions. Ariel has amazing tolerance and was really able to withstand 10 substantial spankings shot real-time. No breaks.


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