Start At The Bottom – A Spanking Tale

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Start At The Bottom – A Spanking Tale

Stars: Lexi Leigh, Nikki Steele, Deacon Blue
Nikki Steele is quite pissed off at her employee Lexi Leigh is late for work and also she finds out she screwing up customer’s orders. Nikki gives her a good paddling. Then the owner, Deacon Blue comes in and is angry at Nikki for Lexi’s actions so Nikki gets a spanking OTK by Deacon. Then Lexi has her turn on Deacon’s lap and she gets a flogging.

Deacon is talking on the phone saying he has beautiful girls working for him. He’s mad at Nikki because she’s the manager and he’s losing money with Lexi. The owner walks in and doesn’t feel Nikki is giving proper discipline to Lexi. He’s gives the women spankings. Nikki ends up firing Lexi.


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