The Halloween Surprise

Thursday, March 28, 2013


The Halloween Surprise

Michael loves the sweet neighbor lady Mr. Genn. She would always watch over him while his parents are away. Although his eighteenth birthday had come and gone, his parents still would not leave him alone when they went away. Michael didn’t mind. He looked forward to time with Mrs. Genn. Michael would always look forward to breaking Mrs. Genn’s rules, when he did Mrs. Genn would get very angry. She always pulls him across her ample lap for his punishment. He enjoyed getting spanked, Mrs. Genn is really gentle. What Michael really enjoys is the way she fondles his bare ass. But on Halloween night Michael came to know another side of Mrs. Genn. She warned him but he didn’t heed her warning. This time Michael’s behind paid for not listening but not in a gentle way.


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