The Principal’s Office

Sunday, March 17, 2013


The Principal’s Office

Pacific State University is no ordinary university. This is an exclusive private college, which prides itself on turning out the finest students this country has to offer.
Pacific State adheres to a very strict discipline policy. When a student is sent to the principal’s office, it means that she has broken a serious rule that warrants punishment. Punishment at Pacific State University is administered by the principal, in the form of a paddling. When a student is sent to the principal for punishment, she will receive a paddling.
For a first infraction, the paddling will take place over a student’s skirt or pants. For a second infraction, the paddling will occur on the student’s panties. Keep in mind, a second paddling is rare since after a first paddling, nobody wants to return for a second. Students who are punished by the principal quickly learn to behave and adhere to University rules.
In very rare cases, a student may be sent to the principal a third time to be paddled. In this case, we realize that this student has become a serious behavior problem and is in danger of being expelled completely. Third punishment paddlings are administered on the bare bottom.
The paddle used is quite old and has been passed down through the decades at this university. It has helped this institution turn out some very well mannered young ladies. As you can see, it’s well worn.
Finally, a movie that captures what really happens behind the closed doors of the college principal’s office. Four defiant young ladies dare to break school rules on more than one occasion. Watch what happens when they step inside the principal’s office for their first, second and third infractions.


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