Days Of Laughter

Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Days Of Laughter

Stars: Talia Monet, Jessica Cummings, Cleo Nicole, Brigitte Paris
We’ve got quadruples the fun in this tale as we find Cleo and Nicole at a secluded picnic site. Rummaging through their picnic basket Cleo finds some rope and feather dusters and wonders what they are for. Nicole gleefully states that she hopes to have a bit of fun this afternoon and they begin to tickle and tie each other until they hear approaching footsteps. They grab their clothes and hastily depart hoping they won’t be caught! Just around the corner in a residence Brigitte and Talia are hard at work tickling and tying each other for a delightful afternoon. So pleased are they that by the end of their adventure that they decide to splurge and spend a night out on the town.


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