English Discipline Series – Suppressed With The Cane Two

Monday, May 27, 2013


English Discipline Series – Suppressed With The Cane Two

Having just the previous day dealt with his daughter Emily and a nurse who wanted to take him to a nursing home, Mr. Grimshaw is amazed when his doorbell rings. It is another nurse from a different nursing center, there to gather him up for his trip! The poor man nearly has a fit, but has the wherewithal to invite her in, in order to find out what is going on. It is soon established that his naughty daughter has phoned another home despite the severe thrashing she received the day before. Grimshaw goes to his daughter’s bedroom but finds her friend who confesses that she knew of the plot. She is pulled out of bed and taken to the sitting room. There he finds out that she and the nurse have been plotting out a course for his removal. There is no alternative but to go through the same ritual as the day before. The girls are compelled to remove their knickers for a hard discipline session. This culminates in a good caning for the pair of them.


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