English Discipline Series – The Sting Nurse Part 3

Saturday, May 25, 2013


English Discipline Series – The Sting Nurse Part 3

Two new tenants are looking through the horse racing forms after being given a hot tip by one of their boyfriends. They are very naughty girls to even think about gambling, when they haven’t even enough money to cover their share of the rent.
They decide to “borrow” the other tenant’s rent money, add to it what they have, and to bet on the hot tip. Once it wins they will have a small fortune. It loses of course, and they find themselves in quite a dilemma. When the other tenants find out what has happened she orders them to bare their bottoms for spanking and the cane. Only when their bottoms are severely welted up is she satisfied that they have learned their lessons.
In Nurse Part 3 we see a further continuation of our previous storyline.


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