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Monday, May 20, 2013

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Fantasy Tickle

Three of your wildest fantasies come to life in this HOUR long video… a long legged model, coming for an interview in a garter belt and stockings ends up in bondage, spread eagle on the bed
a lost young lady picks the wrong house for directions and gets tickled on her stockinged feet beyond her wildest dreams
and a visit to the doctor to cure very sensitive feet turns into a tickling extravaganza for one lucky doctor, first with nylons and then on bare feet!!!

First see Dominique, a 5’8″ lovely with the most flexible legs we have ever seen. Not only can she do the splits, but she can wrap both legs around her neck!! She really needs this modeling job and will do anything to get it. After showing off all she can do… she is told there is a ‘special test’ she must go through. Although a little confused, she goes along with being restrained in ankle and wrist cuffs face down, spread eagle on the bed. Erin then begins the ‘test” by tickling her stocking covered feet until she is out of control… first spread eagle, then ankles together, feet up as Erin straddles her and gives her more, including her armpits. Of course, the nylons finally come off and Dominique goes crazy!! Find out if she gets the job!!!!

Next see Avery, one of our most ticklish models! She comes to the wrong house to get directions. The next thing she knows, she wakes up to find herself tied with rope to a bench with her feet in the air!! She still has her nylons and her shoes on and is nowhere near ready for what is going to happen to her! Watch as her shoes are slowly removed and the heels are used to ‘wake her up”!! She has to endure fingers, and brushes on her feet and upper body and no matter what she says or how much she pleads, the tickling goes on and on and on and…

Finally, see Hannah in her most ticklish performance yet! She goes to a doctor to get help with her sensitive feet. The next thing she knows she’s tied to the table as the doctor has her way with her. First on her nylon covered feet, then her armpits and then her bare feet. As the doctor uses her to further his studies of what kind of brushes are more ticklish, he uses them all on Hannah’s bare ticklish soles!! I actually had to stop the camera to give her a chance to catch her breath! You will be able to tell where that is!!! Watching this video will be the most exciting hour you have spent in a very long time!


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