NWV-242 vannas punishment spanking

Saturday, May 25, 2013


NWV-242 vannas punishment spanking

There are spankings, and then there are serious’teach a lesson’ spankings, which is just what Vannareceived. Don’t feel too sorry for her, though – she took the spanking she deserved, but not without a lot of fuss!

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4 Responses to “NWV-242 vannas punishment spanking”

  1. Peter Says:

    welcome back admin, this new server novafile, seems to me if I pay monthly it will be recurring every month? the old server was not recurring

  2. collector Says:

    Yeah, I popped into novafile for a year. You have to cancel your subscription to stop the rebilling. I wasnt sure either. But it worked for me. To be sure I emailed support, and it was so. I can still d/l as premium.
    I dont like rebilling as I might not have the cash when they rebill, so its a whole lot of stress…. easier to avoid…

  3. jack Says:

    I still had 3 months left with luckyshare, just wondered why changed to novafile now, Just a note in future that your going to change would be helpful so knowing to get 1 month or 6 months at a time, Just my thoughts though

  4. admin Says:

    spank-movie has not been updated 50 days. I’m sorry that it happened. but luckyshare dies …

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