Pacific Force – Spanked On Tight Jeans Vol 1

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Pacific Force – Spanked On Tight Jeans Vol 1

Spanked On Tight Jeans is the definitive production for anyone who loves seeing beautiful girls getting spanked in tight jeans. At Pacific Force, we know how to hone in and capture the specific nuances of the complex spanking fetish. Jeans spanking is one such sub-category. You?ll see that we nailed it!
This is NOT recycled footage from old movies. These are 20 BRAND NEW scenes shot fresh in 2008. Many of the females are new to Pacific Force. Each lady has her own unique reaction to being spanked firmly in a favorite pair of tight jeans.
You may think that jeans offer a great deal of protection but you?re about to change your mind. Wait till you see the color of some bottoms after a jeans only spanking. Many of the girls took down their pants and panties to show you their bare, red, well-spanked bottom. That right, while all of the spankings occur over tight jeans, bare bottoms are shown a the end of the scene so you can see the results.


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