Punishment Spankings at Pacific Force

Monday, May 20, 2013


Punishment Spankings at Pacific Force

Starring: Jacqueline Omerta, Francesca Le’, Bobbi Brandt, Vinnie Spitliano and newcomer, Nicole
If you saw Real Spankings at Pacific Force, you already know that each of my employees is subject to swift corporal punishment if deemed necessary. In that movie, you witnessed Francesca receiving a very hard but deserving bare-bottom paddling. Real Spankings at Pacific Force is one of our most praised productions. Because of its’ popularity, we decided to go one step further.

We proudly present, ‘Punishment Spankings at Pacific Force.

Take a peek behind the scenes of a real spanking company. See how we’re like most mail-order operations with a few important differences…We’ll show you how we function on a daily basis, what happens to naughty employees and how we select an actual video ‘spankee’.

Francesca and Bobbi are hard working employees and usually very reliable. On this particular day, they get out of line. In a very candid, unrehearsed scene, you’ll see the girls at their mischievous best when left alone in the office.

Eavesdrop in on their naughty conversation, as they gobble down an expensive lobster lunch, washed down by shots of rum. Though they’re adorable and cute, their behavior is unacceptable. Most companies would immediately fire these disobedient, young rascals. I think my method is far more effective.

Sent to the special punishment room, one girl is spanked, while the other stands panties-down, in the corner. I spank non-stop with a minimal amount of rubbing or talking. I don’t waste any valuable time. They receive two spankings – one with my powerful hand and another with my wooden hairbrush. I deliver real, full-force hairbrush spanks. No tapping
real spanking. These punishment spankings are enough to make both my girls kick, moan and beg for mercy. I’m deaf to their pleas.

A punishment session would not be complete without a dose of the large, wooden, official Pacific Force paddle. The girls are stripped naked and given full arm paddle spanks in a variety of positions.

Later that day, Nicole comes to apply for a position in one of our videos. At Pacific Force we’re very careful about who we hire. Nobody is allowed to shoot unless they can really take a spanking. After I interview, Vinnie conducts the ‘audition’.

Being a true spanking enthusiast and brat, Nicole gives Vinnie a real reason to spank. The ‘try-out’ blossoms into bona-fide punishment session. Pulling devilish Nicole straight over his knee, Vinnie gives her a solid spanking with his strong hand and sturdy brush.

Nicole really proves her high tolerance when Vinnie stings her voluptuous bottom repeatedly with his thick leather strap. Nicole passes her audition with flying colors. She’s eager to shoot as soon as her bottom is no longer sore!

Here’s what Bobbi had to say about her spanking:

This is the first time I was spanked on camera by Jacqueline. It was the toughest spanking she’s ever given me. I think she spanks a little harder when she’s being taped. The paddle left a mark that stayed with me for a whole week!
Though I feel I deserved my punishment, I’m not sure the nude paddling was all that necessary. It was really embarrassing to be totally naked on camera. That was another first! Oh well, I guess I deserved it. You won’t see me misbehaving for a long time!

Here’s what Francesca had to say about her spanking:

It seems like I’m constantly getting spanked! Jacqueline sometimes wonders if I misbehave just so I’ll get punished. I’m not sure. What do you think?
In this video, I take a particularly sound spanking and fierce paddling. Well, at least I got to eat lobster and as you know, I do love to be spanked! My only complaint is the hairbrush – I hate being hairbrushed. Other than that, I don’t really mind being spanked on camera. I’ll even tell you a little secret – it turns me on…….I guess I am a bad little girl, aren’t I?

On camera spankings are different than private ones. I always imagine that I’m a naughty little school girl and my mom was brought in to punish me. I picture us on stage in a large auditorium. She pulls my panties down on stage in front of all my friends…….oops! I gotta go now
the phone is ringing!!!! I’d tell you more but my bottom is still sore from my last spanking!

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