Super Spanking Revue 4

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Super Spanking Revue 4

Stars: Mary Jane, Catherine De Sade, Snow Mercy, Zille DeFeu, Kid Dynamite, Nikki Rouge, Joey Moffat, Ms. Venus Divine, Duncan DeFeu, Eve Howard, Kat St. James, Sophia Locke, Dani Hunt, Sophie Nova, Mila Kohl, Heather Green, Sybil Hawthorne, Lena Ramone, Dia Zerva, Tom Byron, Greta Carlson, Keith Jones, Madison Young, Stevie Rose, Paris Kennedy, Amber Rayne, Clare Fonda, Rucca Page, Amy Hunter, Butch Simms, Steve Fuller, Lawrence Selden, Cheyenne Jewel, Sarah Gregory, Alex Reynolds
Shadow Lane consistently delivers world-class spanking fetish videos, and this is your chance to check out the cream of the crop! Our Super Spanking Revue #4 is available now. There’s male-on-female and female-on-female spanking, so your desires can be met no matter what you prefer.

Each of the following stars appear on this compilation video: Alex Reynolds, Amber Rayne, Amy Hunter, Butch Simms, Catherine de Sade, Cheyenne Jewel, Clare Fonda, Dani Hunt, Dia Zerva, Duncan Defeu, Eve Howard, Gretta Carlson, Heather Green, Joey Moffat, Kat St. James, Keith Jones, Kid Dynamite, Lawrence Seldon, Lena Ramone, Madison Young, Mary Jane, Mila Kohl, Ms. Venus Divine, Nikki Rouge, Paris Kennedy, Rucca Page, Sarah Gregory, Snow Mercy, Sophia Locke, Sophie Nova, Steve Fuller, Stevie Rose, Sybil Hawthorne, Tom Byron and Zille Defeu.


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