Micahs Tickle Play

Friday, June 21, 2013

Micahs Tickle Play

Micahs Tickle Play

Stars: Gia, Micah
This is the first time these two beautiful women meet. Both are in nervous anticipation of the tickle tease that lies before them. This kind of bondage and tickling was a first for both of them.

Micah warned us in her interview that she would probably start crying, and sure enough, a little tease from the DungeonMaster brought out the tears. But Gia discovered her calling in life in this movie. She clung to Micah, tickling her with the tenaciousness of a pit bull. Gia tickled Micah’s perfect feet for what seemed like hours.

A vibrator completes the Pain/Pleasure scenario as a delicious orgasm poured from beautiful Micah. Both girls left happy, experienced and very tired. DungeonMaster was satisfied…So must it be.

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