FD-277 Roguered!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


FD-277 Roguered!

Rogeuring is when a woman dildos a man from behind while she, or another woman, masturbates him at the same time. That’s what Vanna and Katie do to Tomas in this video. Tomas, who flew over from the Czech Republic just to be in this video was given his choice of dildos. Being a virgin, he overestimated his abilities and chose the largest one. As a result, he was in so much discomfort from the fucking Vanna gave him (to the hilt) he was unable to get off. He gave it a good try though so we’re releasing the video anyway.

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File Name : 0612_clips4sale_FD-277 Roguered!.wmv
File Size : 419.57 MB
Resolution : 720×480
Duration : 00:27:49

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