Harlots Humiliation

Monday, June 3, 2013


Harlots Humiliation

Brothel Madame Cynthia is harassed by one of her punters because he has no satisfaction from the two girls that he has hired for a spanking session. He says that he has paid 400 pounds and then they wouldn’t even let them touch them. He is a very good customer, so Cynthia returns his money and summons the two girls to the office. The girls are keen to stay in the very lucrative house, so they agree to a compromise. They will let her beat them while the customer watches. The two girls are very beautiful and they didn’t want his dirty, fondling hands all over them spoiling their lovely looks.
However they are in for a shock when Cynthia starts to dish out punishment. It is much harsher than they imagined. Cynthia is a real bitch and the girls soon notice welt marks appearing on their silky smooth bottoms, after a caning has been inflicted.
The now nude girls’ humiliation is increased when the customer rubs cream all over their sore bodies in a very lecherous manner.


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